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Our Sponsors

The Pre PACES Podcast runs on coffee, goodwill and a couple of sponsors who share the common goal of helping medical trainees pass the MRCP PACES. 

These organisations provide huge value to those of you who are looking to pass the exam and we chose to partner with them because we believe in the help they can provide as part of your revision.


Pastest's PACES revision resource is perfect for revising and the app is brilliant for a quick dip into if you're short on time or on the go. The Pastest app gives you full access to:

  • Over 120 videos of example PACES stations

  • Detailed revision notes to accompany the videos

  • FREE 48-hour limited access trial 

To sign up, head over to:

Pastest logo: bright green plus on teal background
PACES Ahead website image


PACES Ahead is a 4-day face-to-face revision course led by expert medical physicians experienced in teaching for the MRCP PACES.

They have a proven track record of attendees succeeding in PACES with a glowing testimonials page. 

PACES Ahead was also voted 'Best MRCP PACES Exam Preparation Company 2020 – London' in the 2020 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards


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