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3- PACES – ep3 square – Aortic stenosis.jpg

#3 Aortic stenosis

Dr Steve Dorman, Consultant Cardiologist, helped us comprehensively cover aortic stenosis in this flagship episode!

5- PACES – ep5 square – Thyroid disease.jpg

#5 Thyroid disease

Dr Jodie Sabin, Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology guides us through thyroid disease in PACES

7- Prosthetic valves.jpg

#7 Prosthetic heart valves

Dr Benoy Shah, Consultant cardiologist (and former president of the British Heart Valve Society) helps us tackle prosthetic heat valves 

8- PACES – ep8 square – collapses.jpg

#8 Collapses

Dr Ashley Nisbet, Consultant Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute leads us through the assessment of a patient presenting with a collapse

PACES – ep9 insta.jpg

#9 Seizures

Dr Hamish Morrison guides us through the history, examination assessment, management and differential diagnosis of patients presenting with seizures

10- ON.jpg

#10 Optic atrophy

Dr Luke Bennetto, Consultant Neuro-ophthalmologist at North Bristol hospital helps us take a squinted look at optic atrophy

12- PACES – ep12 square – Hypertension.jpg

#12 Hypertension

Dr Angus Nightingale, Consultant Cardiologist steers us through all things hypertension

13- PACES – ep13 square – TIA.jpg

#13 Transient ischaemic attacks

Dr Jen Collinson, acute medical SpR with a specialist interest in stroke, guides us through assessing and managing a patient with symptoms suggestive of a TIA

16- PACES – ep16 square – Back pain.jpg

#16 Back pain

Dr Tom Batty, rheumatology SpR in KSS deanery runs us through back pain as a presenting symptom with a focus on ankylosing spondylitis

17- PACES – ep17 square – Kidney transplant pt1.jpg

#17 & 18 Renal transplant

Our first double-header episode sees renal physicians Dr Jim Moriarty and Dr Revathi Jain talk us through a MAMMOTH station: renal transplant - the OG of PACES

19- PACES – ep19 square – Acromegaly.jpg

#19 Acromegaly

Dr Alison Evans, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology leads us through the approach to symptoms, signs, investigations and management of patients with acromegaly

21- PACES – ep21 square – COPD.jpg

#21 COPD

Respiratory SpR Dr Drew Davies gives us his best tips & tricks to approaching a respiratory station covering COPD

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